Sunday Circle Workshop Series kick off Sunday, February 23

February 23 1:00-3:00pm

We are kicking off an on-going series of community gatherings. Each gathering will feature a different topic around which we will share, discuss, teach and support each other as we build community and strengthen connections.

Lisa Joyce will kick off the series with a Compassion workshop, particularly focused on self-compassion. We will start with a short meditation based on the teachings of Tara Brach, then discuss how we can show ourselves compassion and extend compassion to all beings. We will also use the time to get to know each other by introducing the element of play.

We will finish by brainstorming ideas for future sessions, determining what topics are of interest, and what activities might be involved. We would love your input!

For those who would like to continue the fun after the workshop, we will head over to the Firefly, where Lisa has reserved the room until 4:00 pm.

Cost: Free-will donation ($5 – $10 suggested). Proceeds will benefit a charity, to be chosen by the group. No pre-registration required, but please let us know if you will need a chair or other accommodations for your comfort.

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