Somatics & Therapeutic Yoga Workshop Saturday, January 22

Somatics helps free tight muscles that may be holding you back, depleting your energy, or causing you pain. Therapeutic Yoga is structured with invitations for you to find the ‘just right’ posture in the moment. Gift yourself this space for release this month! Along with a practice, this workshop offers a brief talk on the benefits of Somatics and therapeutic yoga.

Learn supportive practices, methods for releasing specific muscle groups, and experience more ease in your Soma (body, mind & spirit). Expect practice to be mostly floor and/or chair based as we increase awareness and efficient functional movement. Suitable for all levels, no prior experience necessary. And you will receive information on specific at home practices.

If you have personal yoga props, bring them to use during the practice. Blankets, blocks, straps may be used to find better support in postures and will be made available in-studio to those that do not have them. Attend with a curious mind and ready to experience new and novel movement!

Led by Ali Zuba
Fee: $40 in-person; $30 online
Saturday, Jan 22 9:30 – 11am CST
In Wellness Living, scroll to January 22 and choose either the in-studio or Zoom workshop.

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