Thursdays with Debra

Join Debra Ballweg as she brings back her very popular Core and Balance class or check out her new Yoga for EveryBODY for a more accessible yoga practice.

8:30 am CORE & BALANCE
C&B yoga aids us in our balance, our movement and coordination. This class strengthens the core; which begins at the base of the neck and goes to the tip of your tailbone; front and backside of the body. We will focus our attention on certain poses which target your proprioception (ability to know where your body is in space). Core & Balance is a foundation-building class; designed to enhance our balance and motor skills as we age.

In this accessible yoga class, all people and all bodies are recognized. All people; regardless of their abilities or background are valued. No two bodies are the same. Variations and the use of props aid the student in order to fit the posture/asana to them and not them to the posture; giving yourself permission to customize your yoga practice. As the teacher I will offer as many options as possible to accommodate where you are at any given time; teaching so that you learn how to tune into your body. The class will incorporate strength building, breathing techniques to help calm the body, proprioception; where we are in space, flexibility, and mobility. Props: chair, bolster, blocks, blankets, straps, and the wall.

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