FREE Online Classes Oct. 31 – Nov. 13!

From Monday, October 31 through Sunday, November 13, all of our online-only classes are FREE for EVERYONE! (Member’s class passes will not be charged for these classes.) Enjoy a cozy-at-home autumn practice…with a warm beverage if you like and check out our team of virtual yoga instructors from Wisconsin, Arizona, Oregon, and Greece.

Online-Only Classes:
Monday 6:15-7:00am Rise and Shine with Nichole
Tuesday 6:15-7:00am Rise and Shine with Nichole
Tuesday 12:00-12:30pm Flow with Leanne
Thursday 6:15-7:00am Rise and Shine with Nichole
Thursday 12:00-12:30pm Flow with Lisa Z
Friday 9:00-10:00am Slow Flow and Roll with Cindy (this class requires a 36″ foam roller and a tennis or similar ball)
Friday 12:00-12:30pm Flow with Micole
Sunday 9:00-10:00am with Micole

Please register at least one hour before class to receive a Zoom link. If you are a first time Wishing Tree yogi, you will be asked to provide contact information and sign a waiver. After you do this, you will go directly to the class registration page.

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