Our Story

Trees are natural sanctuaries, sources of fuel, shelter, beauty and inspiration. An eternal symbol of life, strength, wisdom and longevity. A “wishing tree” is an individual tree specifically chosen as a place to bring wishes and offerings. From Asia to the UK to America, many cultures bring their deepest desires – in the form of paper notes, ribbons, coins or other offerings – to a sacred tree.

We have chosen the name Wishing Tree to embrace this tradition and to symbolize our wish, not in the magical fairy dust sense, but as a heart-felt intention. With a nod to our roots at The Inspired Mat, we intend to continue to promote a vibrant, inclusive yoga community in the heart of Oregon.

We believe in the positive effects of a consistent yoga practice on mind, body and spirit. We also believe that yoga can help to build a kinder, more connected community. At it’s heart, yoga is about noticing, caring and making connections – to ourselves, to each other and to our world. That is the intention we hang on our Wishing Tree.

We invite you to join us.