This is a great studio…

The teachers at Wishing Tree studio are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They are so encouraging and always leave me feeling empowered and ready to take on my day. I have taken rise and shine with Nicole and Flow with Chloe. Both are appropriately paced for a beginner like myself and the teachers offer plenty of modifications for any type of yoga student. Couldn’t recommend more!

Michelle M.

I am in my second session of yoga for stiff people.   Brittany lets us know what props to use and if we don’t  have that specific item, how to substitute something from our homes.   Her class goes by so quickly because she talks to us throughout explaining how the poses help our bodies and mind.   She is very personable and fun.  I also enjoy the occasional dog or cat in the picture.

Deborah R.

This was my first time back in the studio post-pandemic….and probably my first time attempting yoga after 1+ long years. Miranda’s restorative class was perfect! Very soothing to mind and body.

Wendy B.

I love both teaching and taking classes at the this very lovely, innovative, intimate studio. Wishing Tree has remained a force during the height of the pandemic; jumping right in and providing virtual opportunities, outdoor safe options and now reopening their doors carefully.  Take advantage of the many offerings available!  If virtual is your jam, it’s there for you, if studio classes are your preference, they’re available! Don’t forget to check the various outdoor sessions this season!!

Leanne W.

I absolutely love coming to Debra’s classes.  She’s knowledgeable, gives the best instruction w/calm positive support.  I feel rejuvenated and fulfilled when I leave.  So happy you’ve re-opened for in studio classes!  Thanks for being such an important part of my weekly routine!

Jane K.

Life has a way of coming at us some days in fast and unexpected ways. Yoga has taught me to be able to be grounded and less reactive to those things. When I enter the studio, I typically sit on a bolster with my legs crossed and close my eyes.  I actually find that I do most of my yoga with my eyes closed; it provides me with the “space” I need to recharge.  I do, however, love that blue painted tin ceiling in the new studio and may have to rethink the eyes closed thing when I’m lying down.  After having done yoga in Madison for many years, I was so grateful to have yoga in Oregon at the Inspired Mat and now the new studio which has continued the feeling of community in the new space.  The lobby is wonderful, and I took a minute yesterday to sit on the settee and it was as comfortable as it looks.  Take a minute to look around and enjoy that sun-filled space — everything so adorable from the rug to the ottoman and the tea!! A little respite from all of our busy lives.  

I had been away from my regular practice because of life urgencies and find that it’s critical to do more yoga in order to deal with them.  With the new and varied classes, I’ve recommitted to myself to make it regularly.  You can’t beat those class pass deals.  

Your life and the universe needs us to bring our best selves every day!  So, do more yoga everyone, and support this beautiful new space and Kelly and Jo in allowing us to share in their dream.

Ann C.

The space is really beautiful and comfortable. I’m amazed at how organized they are for being open only a few days. The props are well organized (sand bags!) and the whole space is great. Gentle yoga on Sunday morning is a winner.Tim H.

Tim H.

Today I attended my very first yoga class ever: Beginner’s Yoga with Avery. I was so nervous because I don’t have yoga clothes and I’m not very coordinated or flexible, but several people had told me yoga would be great for my stress load and for my overall physical and mental well-being. The class with Avery was amazing. She was so calming and helpful, assisting me with poses when I needed it and was so very encouraging and spiritually uplifting. I will definitely be going back every week for yoga with Avery!

Jeanne C.

I am so  ready for my week after a Restorative yoga class tonight with Nicole! In fact , I am already looking forward to next Sunday night and I went straight home to look at the schedule for the week.

I have little experience with yoga and while the two classes I took in the past were really good ones I never committed to making it a habit. I had recently been thinking about committing to some weekly yoga and so the opening of Wishing Tree seemed like a perfect opportunity.

The space is so  welcoming ! They are well equipped with equipment and props for classes and  seem to have created a nice organization for their things that makes it easy to what you need, yet the room is clutter free and peaceful. There are lots of nice touches throughout the place.

I am very much a newbie and Nicole made the experience perfect by offering just the right amount of help and encouragement along the way , yet allowing me to find the perfect experience for myself. I entered a little hesitant on how it would go and I left happy I had attended and excited to try more classes and return next Sunday to Nicole’s 7:15 pm class.

Excited to have this space in Oregon !

Kate C.