Kate C.

I am so  ready for my week after a Restorative yoga class tonight with Nicole! In fact , I am already looking forward to next Sunday night and I went straight home to look at the schedule for the week.

I have little experience with yoga and while the two classes I took in the past were really good ones I never committed to making it a habit. I had recently been thinking about committing to some weekly yoga and so the opening of Wishing Tree seemed like a perfect opportunity.

The space is so  welcoming ! They are well equipped with equipment and props for classes and  seem to have created a nice organization for their things that makes it easy to what you need, yet the room is clutter free and peaceful. There are lots of nice touches throughout the place.

I am very much a newbie and Nicole made the experience perfect by offering just the right amount of help and encouragement along the way , yet allowing me to find the perfect experience for myself. I entered a little hesitant on how it would go and I left happy I had attended and excited to try more classes and return next Sunday to Nicole’s 7:15 pm class.

Excited to have this space in Oregon !