Presence, Movement and Play with Luke Arndt
Workshops series continues Sunday April 19!
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

This series of workshops is centered around mindfulness practices and natural human movement patterns as well as games and play. We’ll use these practices to revitalize and strengthen the body, to sharpen and relax the mind, and to build a joyous and an embodied sense of presence. Each workshop will feature a variety of mindfulness and meditation practices and inquiries, a combination of different natural human movement patterns and unique and engaging games. There will be a mix of stillness and activity, so expect to sweat!

There are many progressions for each skill and movement that will be presented so that a wide range of ages and abilities may attend.

Movements that will be covered may include but are not limited to rolling, crawling, jumping, lifting, carrying, balancing, throwing and catching.

2020 dates: Sundays April 19, May 31, July 12, August 23, October 4, November 15.

Workshop cost: $30 per session.

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