Yoga for Stiff People

Not “flexible enough” for yoga? Yoga for Stiff People is for you. It is also wonderful for anyone new or reluctant to try yoga!

We’re excited to work in partnership with Oregon Community Education to bring you a this spring class series with Brittany.

This class will help you slowly work out those winter kinks and improve your functional mobility.
Starts SOON – register today! 

Led by Brittany Waltz. Fee: $40
Mondays, April 19 – May 24, 6:30 – 7:15 pm.  Ages 18+

Feel Good Balance From Head to Toes

In this 4-week series we will work on standing stronger in all life’s ebbs and flows. This is not your ordinary balance class. We will work into finding our groundedness and getting into balance poses from a new angle (actually, lots of new angles).

Many think the way to get better at balance poses like tree pose is just to do more balance poses. But that is not our approach for this series. We will work from the ground up to open and lengthen and strengthen the muscles in your body that will help you stand stronger and taller and more secure : on one foot ~ on two feet.

So, get ready to find your balance! We’ll spend a lot of time in each class doing foot yoga (giving some extra care and attention to the parts of our bodies that work the hardest to hold us up and take us where we need to go!). Then we’ll slowly, slowly work our way up with lots of feel good stretches, and a few warming/strengthening exercises. (about 45 mins) We’ll test the limits and find more groundedness in our balance. We will wobble. And it’s ok!

Finally, we’ll end each class with a bit of a guided visualization and relaxation time ~ to help us unwind, let go, and integrate. (about 15 minutes) Every week Micole will send you some exercises to work on throughout the week. And in each class we’ll build on what we learn to continue making progress.

Join me! Let’s get together and lean into the uncomfortable (and embrace the wobble!) so we can find our balance and feel good – from head-to-toe!

Instructor: Micole Gauvin
Dates: Saturdays May 1, 8,1 5, 22
Time: 9:30-10:30 am (CST)
Weekly Zoom class + weekly email with extra exercises to work on throughout the week

Fee: $50

Helpful Props to have on hand: Strap, small towel, tennis ball or massage ball, blocks, bolster (or pillows), blanket