Class Styles

With a diversity of class styles and instructors, we offer something for just about everyone. We’re happy to help you find a class that’s just right for you!

Warm Yoga Adding a little heat to your practice offers wonderful benefits, eases muscle tension, improves flexibility, and rids toxins from the body. Not to mention a warm escape from Wisconsin winters! Warm yoga classes are similar to our Flow classes.

Flow Also known as Vinyasa Yoga, Flow is the practice of linking breath with movement. Flowing from one pose to another can feel like a moving meditation. Each instructor brings their interpretation of flow to their class, but breath is always the common thread. Come breathe, build strength, increase flexibility, find focus, and have fun!

Gentle Flow Gentle Flow is the slower paced friend to our Flow class. The pace of the class is slowed down to allow students time to go deeper within the pose and their breath. Students who are new to yoga, recovering from injury, or just needing to slow down from their day will feel right at home during this class. 

Yin Yin is a yummy practice designed to unwind tension in the body, work into deep muscle and connective tissues, and slip into a meditative state by holding poses over a longer period of time. Time is given to move from each posture with ease and care to allow the nervous system to fully unwind. Yin postures are typically seated or reclined, and supported with a variety of props. 

Mindful Yoga Our Mindful class is appropriate for those with minor health concerns, physical challenges, limited range of motion or those who are newer to yoga and would appreciate a personalized yoga experience. The pace is safe, slow moving and deliberate and the poses are modified for each student’s abilities. (Students should be able to move up and down to their mat.) A variety of props will be used. Light weights may also be incorporated.

Core and Balance Core & Balance yoga offers a blend of dynamic movements to fire up your core and improve your balance. (Your “core” begins at the base of your neck and goes to the tip of your tailbone;  front and back side of your body.) This foundation-building class will strengthen your core to support you in your yoga practice and in daily life. Energizing music will motivate you to take on the challenges offered. Essential oils may be used in this class. 

Yoga Strength Fusion Looking to ignite your practice? Yoga Strength Fusion is the class that will turn up your inner heat with yoga strength and cardio intervals (in Fusion Express) you’ll build strength, and leave feeling empowered. Each instructor brings their version of Strength Fusion, incorporating Pilates exercises, weights, boot camp inspired drills, and core challenges. Don’t let the name scare you! Our instructors know how to modify and offer alternatives. Please bring indoor athletic shoes for Tuesday Fusion Express.

Restorative Being still can be the biggest challenge, especially when there are a million things on your to-do list. Restorative is the class you can slip into your schedule to just simply be with yourself and breathe. During class you can expect lots of props like bolsters and blankets to help provide enough support to allow your body to fully release. Depending on the instructor, Nidra and guided meditation may be woven in. 

Savasana Savasana your favorite part of class? Ours too! Held in a candle lit room, our Savasana class offers 45 minutes of zero distractions where you can be with your breath. Space is limited, so please sign up in advance!

Yoga for Beginners A perfect option for anyone new to yoga or looking to refine their practice. Students can expect additional instructions and more time between each pose to allow them to get the most out of their practice. 

Guided Meditation Learn the various styles and techniques of meditation as your instructor guides you through a peaceful practice. Drawing from various practices such as breath awareness, mantra repetition, sensory and visualization meditation, students are given the space to turn inward and connect to oneself on a deeper level. 

Good Karma We are happy to offer two by-donation class options each week.  Good Karma – Mindful Yoga is similar to our Mindful Yoga class, but focused more specifically on functional movement and healthy aging. (You don’t have to be a senior to join us.  We all age!) Good Karma – Community Yoga is a Slow Flow class that helps us give back to the community by raising funds for a charity each month. Suggested donation for Good Karma classes is $3-$5.

Yang/Yin Yoga This one-hour class starts with a dynamic 30 to 35-minute flow to focus on connecting the movements of the body with breath, and to get the muscles and joints moving and warmed up. We’ll then transition to the Yin portion of class where the focus shifts inward while we stretch, and hold poses for longer lengths of time to help relax and calm the nervous system. A great way to refresh body and mind at the end of the day.

Open Space Just you and your mat in our lovely, relaxing space!