Class Styles

With a diversity of class styles and instructors, we offer something for just about everyone. We’re happy to help you find a class that’s just right for you! (Please note that not all styles are currently offered as virtual yoga classes, but we plan to offer them again as soon as we can resume in-person classes.)

Flow Also known as Vinyasa Yoga, Flow is the practice of linking breath with movement. Flowing from one pose to another can feel like a moving meditation. Each instructor brings their interpretation of flow to their class, but breath is always the common thread. Come breathe, build strength, increase flexibility, find focus, and have fun!

Slow Flow Slow Flow offers yoga sequences at a slower pace giving you the opportunity to explore deeper into the poses. Integrative offerings of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, and therapeutic methods will be explored in this class. Emphasis is placed on sensing the pose, transition, and moments of pause from the inside out. This practice asks you to invoke the stillness and evenness of mind while landing more centered points in your body.

Gentle Flow Gentle Flow is the slower paced friend to our Flow class. The pace of the class is slowed down to allow students time to go deeper within the pose and their breath. Students who are new to yoga, recovering from injury, or just needing to slow down from their day will feel right at home during this class. 

Yoga for EveryBODY In accessible yoga all people and all bodies are recognized. All people; regardless of their abilities or background are valued. No two bodies are the same. Variations and the use of props aid the student in order to fit the posture/asana to them and not them to the posture; giving yourself permission to customize your yoga practice. As the teacher I will offer as many options as possible to accommodate where you are at any given time; teaching so that you learn how to tune into your body. The class will incorporate strength building,  breathing techniques to help calm the body, proprioception; where we are in space, flexibility, and mobility. Props: chair, bolster, blocks, blankets, straps, and the wall.

Chair Yoga This gentler form of yoga is practiced sitting on a chair or using a chair for support during standing poses. Chair yoga is designed for older adults, those with balance issues, and those who may have a physical disability; or those that are new to yoga or would appreciate a gentler practice. It is a wonderful way to increase flexibility, strength and circulation, while relieving stress. In this yoga class one will experience breathing exercises, strengthening and stretching, pranayama breathing and relaxation and meditation. Light hand weights, resistance bands and yoga straps can be utilized as well.

Yin Yin is a yummy practice designed to unwind tension in the body, work into deep muscle and connective tissues, and slip into a meditative state by holding poses over a longer period of time. Time is given to move from each posture with ease and care to allow the nervous system to fully unwind. Yin postures are typically seated or reclined, and supported with a variety of props. 

Mindful Yoga In this mindful, slower paced yoga practice movements are brought in to connect the body and mind. Linking movement to breath we: align, strengthen and balance. Movements include: seated, kneeling, prone, and supine, with some standing postures. We practice together to bring in our body’s range of motion: twists, forward folds, backbends, lateral extensions and hip openers. A variety of pranayama breathing techniques and meditative time are also brought in. One can also expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement. Helpful props are brought in-folded blankets, yoga blocks, and straps. Each class begins and ends with a quiet meditative reflection.

Core and Balance C&B yoga aids us in our balance, our movement and coordination. This class strengthens the core; which begins at the base of the neck and goes to the tip of your tailbone;  front and backside of the body. We will focus our attention on certain poses which target your proprioception (ability to know where your body is in space). Core & Balance is a foundation-building class; designed to enhance our balance and motor skills as we age.

Of the Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Ether Mindful brings in the Earth element. The Earth is seen as our foundation; one of stability and strength. Mindful focuses on our foundation; the lower ⅓ of our bodies in particular and, in addition, bringing in the remaining four elements adding to our foundations. The fluidity of water, the empowerment of fire, the movement of air and the calm of space. Stability in our bodies can bring stability and steadiness to our lives. If you are looking to work on your balance this class would be helpful.

Guided Meditation Learn the various styles and techniques of meditation as your instructor guides you through a peaceful practice. Drawing from various practices such as breath awareness, mantra repetition, sensory and visualization meditation, students are given the space to turn inward and connect to oneself on a deeper level. 

Good Karma Yoga Fusion “Fusion” is a blend of yoga, Pilates and functional mobility exercises. Suitable for all abilities. Props easily found around your home may be incorporated into our virtual Good Karma classes. This by-donation class helps us give back to the community by raising funds for a charity each month. Suggested donation for Good Karma classes is $3-$5 as you are able.

SomaYoga – Restorative Invite more space into your body, mind and heart with this restorative yoga class. Soma (“Living Body”) Yoga Restore gives you the opportunity to gain a sense for physical restoration. To start class we engage with gentle somatic movements, and then ease into supported resting postures. Attending to the release of subtle physical patterns first allows you to feel more spacious in restorative poses. You can expect the use of bolsters, blocks and blankets during this floor-based practice. Guided meditation, body relaxation scans, and yoga nidra may be woven in.

Mat Pilates Named after Joseph Pilates, “Pilates” is a method of exercise that consists of core strengthening and low-impact muscular endurance and flexibility movements. Proper postural alignment, breathing, core strength and muscle balance are emphasized, and precision of movement is stressed over number of repetitions.   Joseph Pilates developed the basic Pilates exercises and a variety of Pilates equipment in the 1920s. Only a mat and a towel are needed for this class.

Open Space Just you and your mat in our lovely, relaxing space!