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Our roots run deep in the ancient and ever-evolving practice of yoga and in our local and global community.

Located in the heart of downtown Oregon, we welcome those of all backgrounds and experience levels to our sacred space, our Wishing Tree.

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We are committed to helping you develop a consistent yoga practice, whether that means committing to one class a week or incorporating yoga, mindfulness and meditation into your daily life.

From restorative practice to power flow, we offer over thirty classes each week as well as workshops and options for personal and small group sessions. Come practice with us!

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Wishing Tree Studio
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Life has a way of coming at us some days in fast and unexpected ways. Yoga has taught me to be able to be grounded and less reactive to those things. When I enter the studio, I typically sit on a bolster with my legs crossed and close my eyes.  I actually find that I do most of my yoga with my eyes closed; it provides me with the “space” I need to recharge.  I do, however, love that blue painted tin ceiling in the new studio and may have to rethink the eyes closed thing when I’m lying down.  After having done yoga in Madison for many years, I was so grateful to have yoga in Oregon at the Inspired Mat and now the new studio which has continued the feeling of community in the new space.  The lobby is wonderful, and I took a minute yesterday to sit on the settee and it was as comfortable as it looks.  Take a minute to look around and enjoy that sun-filled space — everything so adorable from the rug to the ottoman and the tea!! A little respite from all of our busy lives.  

I had been away from my regular practice because of life urgencies and find that it’s critical to do more yoga in order to deal with them.  With the new and varied classes, I’ve recommitted to myself to make it regularly.  You can’t beat those class pass deals.  

Your life and the universe needs us to bring our best selves every day!  So, do more yoga everyone, and support this beautiful new space and Kelly and Jo in allowing us to share in their dream.

Ann C.

The space is really beautiful and comfortable. I’m amazed at how organized they are for being open only a few days. The props are well organized (sand bags!) and the whole space is great. Gentle yoga on Sunday morning is a winner.Tim H.

Tim H.