Yoga Strength Series with Jody

Join Jody for the first of three Power Yoga Series.

Power Series 1: Core Strength   July 9, 16, 23  5:45-6:45pm

This power vinyasa series will focus on strengthening, stretching and toning our entire core. Core strength is essential for our day to day lives. From protecting our spine and providing stability to aiding in digestion, the responsibilities of the core are plenty! In these sessions, we will target the abdominals, obliques, the lower back muscles, the pelvic floor muscles, glutes and hip flexors as we flow, beginning and ending each session with diaphragmatic breath work as well! These challenging sessions will help to tone your midsection and improve your posture, balance and coordination while building stamina and strength! 

The series will continue in August with Standing Balances and in September with Arm Balances. See our Events page for more information and registration links.

Fee: class pass, membership, one month “try it,” or $25 drop in

The Spiritual Warrior

Is it an accident that many Eastern Spiritual Traditions, like the Shao Lin Monks, are also Warrior Traditions? We don’t think so. If you are going to live your authentic core, you must have the discipline to forge your path against the current of mass society. This takes Warrior Spirit. So, bring your Warrior Spirit as we cultivate the power of integrity on the mat. Expect to work, sweat, and leave with new tools for making your poses stronger than they ever were before.

Interested in Yoga Teacher Training? Alex will hold a free 21st Century Yoga on the mat Q&A following the workshop!

Instructor: Alex Pfeiffer
Fee: class pass, unlimited or Zoom membership, or $25 drop in
Location: Wishing Tree Studio

Slow Flow with Alyssa

Join Alyssa Thursday at 8:30am in studio or online.

Slow Flow offers yoga sequences at a slower pace giving you the opportunity to explore deeper into the poses. Integrative offerings of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, and therapeutic methods will be explored in this class. Emphasis is placed on sensing the pose, transition, and moments of pause from the inside out. This practice asks you to invoke the stillness and evenness of mind while landing more centered points in your body.