Yoga Strength Series with Jody

Join Jody for the first of three Power Yoga Series.

Power Series 1: Core Strength   July 9, 16, 23  5:45-6:45pm

This power vinyasa series will focus on strengthening, stretching and toning our entire core. Core strength is essential for our day to day lives. From protecting our spine and providing stability to aiding in digestion, the responsibilities of the core are plenty! In these sessions, we will target the abdominals, obliques, the lower back muscles, the pelvic floor muscles, glutes and hip flexors as we flow, beginning and ending each session with diaphragmatic breath work as well! These challenging sessions will help to tone your midsection and improve your posture, balance and coordination while building stamina and strength! 

The series will continue in August with Standing Balances and in September with Arm Balances. See our Events page for more information and registration links.

Fee: class pass, membership, one month “try it,” or $25 drop in